Re: A32X fuel capacity

Date:         08 Jan 2000 13:38:59 
From:         james matthew weber <>
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Matt777 wrote:
> I noticed that the 757-300 has less fuel capacity than the 757-200
> (  11,490 gallons
> compared to 11,526.  I figure it is due to the larger models thicker wing
> structure which reduces the volume of the wing and it is probably the same
> with the Airbus.

I'd be surprised. The wings on the two aircraft are in fact the same, and
difference in fuel capacity is minuscule, .4% (36 gallons out of 11,500).
I suspect the same to sample variation between aircraft is that large.

That looks to me more like an inconsistency in how the capacity was
calculated, i.e. conversion of of liters to gallons, or cubic whatever to
whatever, rather than anything else.

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