Re: QF Flight Engineers Dying?

Date:         06 Jan 2000 01:26:24 
From:         Ken Ishiguro <>
Organization: EarthLink Network, Inc.
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Russell Short wrote:
> Seriously, having now spoken to the wife of a dead QF flight engineer, I am
> more surprised that more hasn't been done to shield these people from
> electromagnetic radiation.

Although I will not doubt your facts, cancer clusters can occur with no
cause ever found.  One good epidemiological question- is there an
elevated tumor rate among FE's of other airlines?  Among Qantas FE's not
flying a specific type of aircraft?

> The poor woman is convinced that her husband was
> a slow victim of radiation in the cockpit. Of the 13 flight engineers that
> died at QF over a period of six years (one had been retired for six months,
> another for a year), ALL had tumours develop in the front lobes of their
> brain, suggesting that the electromagnetic radiation came from directly in
> front and/or above*.

See above.

> *Note: secondary information gathered from the wife.
> I know where *not* to carry my mobile phone....

Here in the U.S., the person who did the study linking cancer to EMF
admitted several months ago he falsified the data, and was promptly
dismissed.  He admitted there was *no* correlation in his studies.  Did
this news get to Oz?  It was a big flap here for a few days.

Although, I would honestly limit my exposure to mobile phone RF out of a
concern for cataracts, not tumors.

Ken Ishiguro