Re: 2 Vs 4 engines - CFM56 Engineering Dept Costs

Date:         06 Jan 2000 01:26:20 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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> Airbus has been running some ads lately, notably one in The Wall Street
> Journal, _strongly, strongly implying_ that four-engine airliners are
> safer than two-engine craft.  "When you're flying over water in remote
> locations... you really want to be between four engines," or words to
> that effect.  Very interesting.  First time I can remember an aircraft
> company making a competitive safety claim in an advertisement.

They've also gotten some unprecedented heat not only from Boeing but
from some airlines about the ads.  It definitely tramples some long-
standing industry taboos.

> I wonder if they have any statistics to back it up?

It's what sales- and marketing-types call FUD -- fear, uncertainty, and
doubt.  If you read carefully, they don't actually make any claims about
safety.  What you psychologically *want* versus what you really need may
be very different things.

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