Re: Good 'ole 727

Date:         31 Mar 2000 22:25:43 
From: (Trevor Fenn)
Organization: Nil
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>On 18 Jan 2000 05:24:26 , "Brian Maddison" <>
>>Karl Swartz wrote in message ...
>>>Everything I've read says it was British Airways who pushed the
>>>757-200 to be as big as it is, and that Eastern actually wanted
>>>something a bit smaller, though perhaps not as small as the original
>>And to illustrate that things come full circle, BA now says the 757 is
>>too big for its needs and will be replaced by A320 and derivatives.
>Guess BA won't be buying the 757-300. Gawd that thing is UUUUUUGLY. It
>looks like a pencil on wings.

That's a matter of opinion.
In my opinion, ugly is the lastest BA livery in it's various forms.

Trevor Fenn