Re: Fuselage flex?

Date:         31 Mar 2000 22:25:38 
From:         cask829@aol.comnojunk (CASK829)
Organization: AOL
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>Been riding some of United's 727s lately and couldn't help but notice
>that on every one the emergency floor lighting strip separated from
>the floor a good inch or so in height just behind row 14 (just in
>front of the first window exit) at altitude.  I watched the last one
>throughout the flight and it gradually returned to floor level upon
>initial descent.  No separation while on the ground.  Question - what
>causes this?

My best guess would be that the airplane become very cold at altitude.  The
metal contracts and the airplane shrinks a little.  Just a guess on my part
though.  Do I win the million Dollars?