Re: Split Elevator?

Date:         31 Mar 2000 22:25:27 
From: (Gord Beaman)
Organization: Business Internet
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"Barry Kabello" <> wrote:

>I've seen several airliners taxiing around with the elevator on one side
>down and the other up, or neutral, other words, they seem to move
>independent of each other.  I was baffled to recently hear that each pilot
>has independant linkage to their own elevator.  If this is true, do split
>rudders work the same way?  Anything other split controls?  Exclusive to

Barry this will happen occasionally when an a/c fitted with
servo tabs is not in flight. the control surfaces on these a/c
is operated by a small servotab operated by the cockpit
controls. This servotab is located on the trailing edge of the
flight control and uses the slipstream to operate the control
surface. In other words, the pilots do not control the surfaces
directly, they merely operate the servotabs which in turn use
the slipstream to move the control surfaces themselves.
Gord Beaman
PEI, Canada