Re: Split Elevator?

Date:         31 Mar 2000 22:25:25 
From:         "LETrider" <>
Organization: DBP
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Barry Kabello wrote in message ...
|I've seen several airliners taxiing around with the elevator on one side
|down and the other up, or neutral, other words, they seem to move
|independent of each other.  I was baffled to recently hear that each pilot
|has independant linkage to their own elevator.  If this is true, do split
|rudders work the same way?  Anything other split controls?  Exclusive to

No airplane have a independent control column moving different control
surfaces on any airplane. both cockpit controls actuate the same surfaces.

I'm almost sure the aircraft you've seen are DC-9's and MD-XX series. in
these aircraft the pilot controls are not directly linked to the elevators,
instead the pitch control (up and down movement) is achieved due to control
tabs located in the elevators which actually "fly" the elevator surfaces.
You should have seen the weird elevator positions when the airplane is on
the ground and a tailwind is blowing on the airplane.