Re: Cabin Depressurization

Date:         06 Jan 2000 01:26:11 
From:         Ken Ishiguro <>
Organization: EarthLink Network, Inc.
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"P. Wezeman" wrote:
>   The author also stated that emergency oxygen systems
> on airliners had never saved a single life. Is this true? Any
> counterexamples? I know of at least three explosive decompressions
> where most of the passengers survived: the DC-10 where the cargo
> door blew out over Canada, the Aloha Air 737 where the top of the
> forward fuselage came off, and the 747 that lost a cargo door
> over the Pacific. Did oxygen systems help in any of these cases?

In the specific 3 instances you mention, decompression happened at
breathable altitudes.  O2 was unnecessary.  Sorry, can't answer your
main question...but I can't recall any passenger fatalities or even
serious injuries caused by hypoxia after decompression of a commercial
airliner.  (This of course excludes things like the Payne Stewart

Ken Ishiguro