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Date:         31 Mar 2000 22:25:15 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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>Newark airport (EWR) in Star Alliance livery. One, at
>a gate, was an A340. The other was a twin, possibly a
>B767, out on the tarmac.
>Since this paint scheme includes multiple airlines
>(Lufthansa, Varig, Thai, United, ...), is there any
>way to know which airline is actually operating the

One reliable way is to look at the flag on the plane, or to infer the
nationality from the registraion.  The A340 was probably Lufthansa's,
and those would wear a German flag and D-xxxx registration, while the
767 was most likely United's which would wear a US flag and Nxxx
registration.  (N653UA is UA's Star-painted plane, a 767-322(ER).)

As I recall, the Star planes are also painted such that the first part
of the plane is painted in the owner's colors.  Thus, the LH A340 has
Lufthansa colors on the nose, the UA 767 has United colors on the nose,
etc.  Given that they could change their minds, this is probably a good
clue, but the flag/registration should be definitive.

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