Re: Cabin Depressurization

Date:         03 Mar 2000 23:25:45 
From: (Gord Beaman)
Organization: Business Internet
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upallnite <> wrote:

>You know, that brings up an interesting question.  If it were possible
>to extinquish a cabin fire by de-pressurizing the cabin, how many
>passengers would be "expendable" (read: sucked out) in order to
>possibly save the aircraft with the remaining passengers?   The old
>utilitarian "most good for the most people" tenent?  Any training done
>(outside of philosophy class) based on that type of no-win situation?
It's certainly no problem to depressurize an a/c, the
pressurization controls in the cockpit have a selection called
'dump' which opens both the normal outflow valve and the
emergency outflow valve to dump the internal pressure down to
the outside pressure. How much good (or harm) it'd do I have no
Gord Beaman
PEI, Canada