747 fuel consumption

Date:         03 Mar 2000 23:25:38 
From:         FilipPC.DeVos@rug.ac.be (Filip De Vos)
Organization: University of Ghent, Belgium
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Over on sci.space.policy, the comparison of long-distance aerial travel
with ballistic transport, and with putting people in orbit, has again come
up. In order to inject some hard facts into the debate (!), can somebody
tell me the fuel consumption of a 747 on the Chicago-Narita run? Just fuel
burn per hour would be great, but actual fuel consumption block to block
would be even better!

I recall having made a similar calculation a while ago, using posted
figures for one of the 737 marques, and this came to about 4 litres
of kerosine, per 100 kilometer, and per passenger.

A metric of the amount of fuel burnt per kilogram of payload was also
used. Anybody has figures on 747-400F or MD11F ?

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