Re: Antonov AN-124 and An-225 questions

Date:         10 Feb 2000 05:03:44 
From:         "Fred van Steenderen" <>
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Cost ACMI (Aircraft,Crew, Maintenance,Insurance) approx. US$ 5,500.= per
block hour
Fuel burn when fully loaded is 15,000 kilos 1st hour 13,000 kilos 2nd hour
thereafter 11,000 kilos/hour
At current European/USA fuel prices boils down to US$ 4,500/hour. Navigation
Fees are in average US$ 800/hour
So it is basically approx. US$ 11,000/Block Hour excl. Landing/Handling
Fees. However, the Air Speed is only 378 knots so it takes more hours as
well to get to places. I.E. B747-200 cruises at about 490 knots.

However, for real big outsized stuff it is the only Commercial Aircraft
about and it is a good alternative in peak seasons when there are no B747
Freighters available.

Cannot really compare to the C5 as they don't fly commercially.

Of the AN225 Myria there were only one and a half plane built when the
Russian Space shuttle project was scrapped. These ones are both at Kiev.
They still hope to find Western funding for special (space) projects. They
have a project designed to launch Space Crafts by far cheaper while in an
high altitude flight because you don't these huge rockets as from the
ground. People have shown interest but nobody put up the money solar.

Hope this answers some of your questions.