QF Flight Engineers Dying?

Date:         04 Sep 99 11:38:27 
From:         "Russell Short" <r.short@student.unsw.edu.au>
Organization: The Internet Group Ltd
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It has arisen that 13 flight engineers flying for QF have died in the last
six years of brain tumours. Another unspecified amount have had cancerous
tumours removed by the various medical means available.

According to a QF Senior Technical Specialist in avionics, fears have been
around for years regarding electric and magnetic fields around the FE panel
in the 747 Classic (and indeed other 3-crew aircraft). Forward Facing flight
crews are not experiencing the same rate of death due to brain cancers
leading to circumstantial evidence suggesting that being a flight engineer
can indeed be a health hazard.

QF has recently advertised for nine more FEs, according to one FE flying
with the airline.


Russell Short.