Re: Constellations at Oxnard?

Date:         27 Aug 99 16:25:26 
From: (Tim Pearson)
Organization: Running With Scissors, Inc.
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Merlin Dorfman <> asks:
> There is nothing in my tour book about an air museum at the
> Oxnard airport.  Does anybody know about these aircraft?

There are two Connies based at Camarillo (near Oxnard) that I
know of, a blue and white 1049 (actually a former USAF C-121C)
and an EC-121T in USAF markings.  Both are active on the airshow
circuit; indeed, I've been aboard both of them.

An Alta Vista search reveals that the C-121C is owned by the
Constellation Historical Society, and the EC-121T by the
Gloabl Aeronautical Foundation.  The latter is described at as "A historical
flying museum."

There's also an outfit known as Airliners Of America that
operates a Martin 404.  (Anybody seen that new book about
the Martin 202 and 404?)

Here are the addresses and telephone mumbers of all three

	Constellation Historical Society
	7702 Woodley Avenue
	Van Nuys, CA 91406
	(805) 484-1403

	Global Aeronautical Foundation
	P.O. Box 2617
	Camarillo, CA 93011
	(805) 529-1748

	Airliners Of America
	P.O. Box 3343
	Camarillo, CA 93011


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