Re: How solid is a 737?

Date:         27 Aug 99 14:03:53 
From:         "Pardave Lehry" <>
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As a maintenance engineer (basically a mechanic) on the Boeing 737, I
can say that the aircraft is quite sturdy.  In fact, all aircraft that
are built are sent through very rigorous testing before the companies
even think of putting them into service.  I can cite an example here.
When the Boeing 777 was being produced and engineered, Boeing did tests
on the wings.  What they did was they applied a lifting force in the
upward direction to see what the elastic limit of the wing was.  They
basically took the wing to the point where the force was great enough to
snap the wing in half.  I don't know what the exact number was, but it
was a number that was so high, it was not to be expected in even the
most worse case scenario.  Boeing has done similar tests on the other
wings of their fleet when they were in engineering phases.  Airbus does
the same thing.  The difference with Airbus and Boeing's wing structure
is that Boeing builds their wings together, whereas Airbus machines
their wings from one large piece of material, resulting in a much
stronger wing structure.

Pardave Lehry
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