Re: How solid is a 737?

Date:         27 Aug 99 14:03:50 
From:         "Eric Langhendries" <>
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During my 28 years as F/A for a major airline, 99% was done on long haul
from DC-7C to MD-11, B707,B747 etc etc...

One day I was on duty on a BRU-NCE-BRU flight and I can assure you that the
B737 is a very very strong and solid airplane.

After a very bumpy flight and take-off from NCE to BRU we landed safely in
Brussels....As soon all pax were out we took the plane to the hangar for a
special check by a team of mechanics .... NO PROBLEMS were discovered.

The Captain ( a very experienced one) said : "I have never gone through
anything similar..." he was an ex-mil pilot.

So the B737's rock solid !


Ps: For the fun ....the only meal service we gave between NCE and BRU was
....picking up relief bags .....of 90% of the passengers.