RE: Thrust/Horsepower of modern engines

Date:         27 Aug 99 14:03:49 
From:         "M. Jones" <>
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Curt Austin <> wrote:
>A rough guide to the power of an aircraft engine comes from considering
>how much power the turboprop/helicopter or marine/industrial versions of
>the same engine can develop. I think this is often about the same
>horsepower as the takeoff thrust in pounds. Hopefully, someone with this
>data can respond with better numbers.

The LM-5000, which is the industrial version of the GE CF6-50 (discontinued but
still in service on early 747's DC-10's etc.), is rated at 47,000 SHP (ISO
conditions, no duct losses).  The LM-6000, industrialized CF6-80C2 is rated at
56,200 SHP.

The LM-2500, equivalent to the TF-39 and CF6-6 is rated at 31,200 SHP;  the '+'
version, which as a zero-stage added to the compressor, among other upgrades is
rated at 39,900 SHP.

The RR Trent is rated at 70,470 SHP, and the RB211 is rated 39,500 SHP.

The JT8D (sorry, don't know which variant) is rated at 34,000 SHP.


Mike Jones