Re: Squat interlock

Date:         27 Aug 99 14:03:42 
From: (Paul Saccani)
Organization: Omen Internet in Perth, Western Australia
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On 10 Jul 99 02:33:37 , JF Mezei <> wrote:
>"David R. Hendrickson" wrote:
>> Take Off Warning, Ram Air inlets, the NextGen's overwing hatches...lots
>> of systems look at the air/ground condition of the aircraft...
>I am very curious about overwing exits being made conditional of the squat
>switches. What happens when a plane lands on its belly with gears not
>retracted ? (or if gears become detached from the plane) ? ? ? ? Does this
>mean that overwing exists will not function ?

There is a crash switch on the belly.

>I would have thought that cabin pressure alone was sufficient in preventng
>them from being opened during flight.

Only if they are a plug type door.  Many are not, and are only
retained by the locking mechanism (which usually incorporates a
mechanism/construction to prevent opening if cabin pressure exceeds
certain limits.   There is also the fact that not all parts of an A/C
flight will require pressurisation, and of course, during take off and
landing, any pressure differential present MUST allow the doors to
function (a very important error made in the L-1011 deaths in Riyadh).