Re: Squat interlock

Date:         27 Aug 99 14:03:41 
From: (Paul Kearney)
Organization: Ireland On-Line
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jbtex@aol.comkeinspam (JbTex) wrote:
> the deployment of the thrust-reversers until the landing aircraft's
> weight settled onto the landing gear.  If this is true, are the
> armed spoilers also kept retracted by this switch, or must they
> deploy prior to the full "squat"?

*_DEPENDS_* on the aircraft but yes - spoilers have their operation
modified by whether or not  aircraft is  "on-ground" / "not-on-ground"
NOT ALL spoilers are kept retracted by this switch.
During low-speed flight the spoilers are used to assist the ailerons.
The spoiler lever in the cockpit will have (about) 4 positions ...
DOWN - ARMED - FLIGHT-DETENT - UP (again depends on the aircraft)

> Also, are there other systems
> controlled by squat/not-squat status?

other systems that like to know if aircraft is on-ground / not-on-ground
are the standby electrical system , air conditioning , auto-brakes,
steering, tcas , flight data recorder
i think the standby-hydraulics and cockpit voice recorder also look for
on-ground not-on-ground signal.

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