Re: Fuel Dump Question

Date:         01 Feb 99 02:36:58 
From:         Seth Dillon <>
Organization: MindSpring Enterprises
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Peter Mchugh wrote:
> I agree with your proposition that people should be considered first...
> and it is principally for our (people's) future that I am concerned....
> continuous dumping of petroleum products (whether a couple of quarts of
> used auto oil dumped in back yards, gallons of seepage from storage
> facilities, or thousands of gallons of atomized jet fuel) being
> dispersed over the earth for a hundred years can hardly produce a
> positive environment for my children's children....

I am not sure what your aviation background is but as one with over 20
years in the airplane fixing business I can assure you that fuel dumping
is a rare event.  Far more common is an overweight landing and the
subsequent inspections required.  Dumping is an expensive proposition
and is avoided if at all possible.