Re: Squat interlock

Date:         27 Aug 99 14:03:40 
From:         Ernie Fidgeon <>
Organization: MBnet Networking Inc.
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In article <airliners.1999.707@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
James Matthew Weber  <> wrote:
> I think you can get the spoiler to come to the 'in flight' detent with
> out the sqat switches,  but that isn't automatic. On Boeing Aircraft at
> least, it is possible to deploy reverse thrust, brakes, and
> spoiler/speed brakes at any time (although it may not be easy to do so,
> it can be done).

I am not so sure about the Boeing T/R statement.  I remember when Luada Air
happened (767 T/R deploy in cruise at high altitude...messy) the cause was
inadvertent deployment of the LH reverser at cruise power.

Immediately, the software for the system was altered to prevent another
occurence.  Also, politically this was not enough to appease the public, so we
actually installed a mechanical/hydraulic modification to physically prevent
it as well.  Can this be overidden??