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Date:         27 Aug 99 14:03:33 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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Ernie Fidgeon wrote:
> wrote:
>> Can you tell me about the proposed Airbus A329

>I just went to the Airbus site looking for product development news,
>nothing abour an A329.  The A320 family includes the A320, A321, A319
>and the new A318.  Also, there is a derivative business jet ...

The last time I heard of an A329, it was a shortened derivative of the
A330, not something based on the A320.  Airbus has recently been talking
about an A330-100 which is an A330 shortened to provide the capacity of
a 767-300.  This would replace the A300/A310 in the Airbus product line
and is probably what the A329 idea has turned into.  It seems like it
would weigh substantially more than a 767-300 while providing little
additional useful capability.  See the DC-8-62, 747SP, and 737-500 for
examples of shortened derivatives which haven't done all that well --
they give up substantial capability without a commensurate gain in

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