Re: 50 years of jet aircraft

Date:         27 Aug 99 03:08:33 
From:         James Robinson <NOSPAM@ERIE.NET>
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Marc Schaeffer wrote:
> Just to let you know that on 27-Jul-49 John Cunningham made the first
> ever flight with a civil jet aircraft. The craft was the de Havilland
> Comet Mk1 frame 06001 registered G-5-1. 50 years already. To learn more
> about the first civil jet aircraft, just drop in at

The first flight of a civil jet transport in North America took place
fifty years ago on 10-Aug-49, just two weeks after the Comet.  The
Canadian-designed and built Avro Jetliner first flew over Malton
(Toronto) on a one hour flight that took the aircraft to an altitude of
13,000 feet.  The aircraft (CF-EJD-X) was piloted by Jimmy Orrell.

This was five years before the first flight of a US-built civil jet
transport, the Boeing 707, the design for which began in 1951, with the
first flight in 1954.  The Concorde was to see its first flight only 20
years later, in March 1969.

A photo of the Avro Jetliner:

This was intended to be a medium range aircraft, with the production
version having a capacity of 50 or 60 passengers, a cruise speed of 450
mph, and a range of 1900 miles.

The prototype made a number of test and demonstration flights around
North America including to New York, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles,
where it became a Howard Hughes plaything for six months or so.  In
spite of having letters of intent from National Airlines and the US Air
Force to purchase some of the aircraft, the project was cancelled to
make room for the production of fighter aircraft for the Korean War. The
nose section of the prototype aircraft has been preserved and is on
display at the Canadian Aviation Museum in Ottawa, Ontario.