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Date:         27 Aug 99 03:08:29 
From:         H Andrew Chuang <>
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> wrote:
> > > How does this change the purchase of an aircraft ?
> >
> > Well, it needn't. The 737 has done pretty well selling with only one
> > engine. On the other hand, it might become an issue if a 777 operator
> > with engines other than GE is looking at the 777X.
> Following up my own post, last week's Flight reports that several non-
> GE 777 operators (eg AA, CX) are quite upset about the decision to give
> GE exclusivity on the 777X.

Stefeno, read the article carefully.  CX said the deal is not
welcomed, but they have yet to evaluate the impact.  BA's comment
was similar.  Only AA voiced their "displeasure."  UA's protest
by ordering nine PW4000-powered B777 was irrelevant because P&W's
offering for the B777X was a brand new engine.  If anything they
should protest, they should do it to P&W not Boeing.  Right from
the beginning, Boeing's C-market B777 (i.e., the B777X) would
require engine in the 110k-lb-thrust range.  P&W knew about it.
They decided the market was too small to be a concern, and doing
a derivative engine was technically and financially less risky.
Thus, P&W was out of the race from day one.