Re: Singapore Airlines The A340 vs 777 saga continues

Date:         27 Aug 99 03:08:28 
From:         "John Weiss" <jrweiss@seanet*NOSPAM*.com>
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JF Mezei <> wrote in message <airliners.1999.823@ohare.Chicago.COM> ...
> I sent a message a while back to Boeing about this since I have flown on
> a 747 much higher than that. Their response is that this was the INITIAL
> Therefore, I would greatly appreciate if anyone could provide a
> comparison for 777, 340 and 747:

For the 747-400:

> -initial cruising altitude

Generally between 29,000' and 35,000', depending on gross weight.  With a
takeoff at max gross T/O weight (396,800 Kg or 875,000 lb), usually 29,000'

> -ideal cruising altitude midway

Step climb to optimum flight level in 2,000' or 4,000' increments.
Generally 35,000' to 41,000', depending on initial gross weight and length
of flight.

> -maximum cruising latitude (essentially: pressurisation capability,
> correct ?)

45,100', which is max FAA certified operating pressure altitude, a function
of pressurization.
John R. Weiss
Seattle, WA
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