Re: Singapore Airlines The A340 vs 777 saga continues

Date:         27 Aug 99 03:08:18 
From:         H Andrew Chuang <>
Organization: Concentric Internet Services
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Steve Howie wrote:
> Tim Lee <> wrote:
> >Frankly, 6.5 tons is not a huge amount - not at this stage of
> >development, anyway. Believe me, more was shaved off the A340-200 before
> >EIS...  and RR have never delivered an engine that doesn't do as
> >advertised.  Especially in reliability terms - go ask BA what they think
> >of the GE90 on 777 - they love it so much that they are dumping it in
> >favour of Trent on the new order.
> Hmm ... wonder what's going to happen to the GE overhaul facility in
> Wales if thats the case. Didn't GE set the place up to specifically
> service the GE engines BA bought?

No, it isn't just for BA's GE engines.  In fact, the facility
maintains GE's competitors' engines.  It was part of GE's plan to
become the world's largest after-market engine service provider.
Many questioned the deal at the time when BA ordered the GE
engines.  However, now GE Engine Services account for half of
GE Aircraft Engines revenue, and more than half of the income
(i.e., it's a more profitable operation than selling engines).
In retrospect, both GE and BA came out winners in that deal.

Do also remember, BA's switch to the Trent wasn't strictly
technical.  The switch allowed BA to not pay R-R a hefty
payment for cancelling RB.211-powered B747-400s.