Re: Vulcans' service life (was Re: Concorde's Engines)

Date:         27 Aug 99 03:08:08 
From:         keenan@idirect.moc (Martin Keenan)
Organization: Evil geniuses for a better tomorrow
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> I am quite sure it lasted much longer than that. I saw one crash at the
> Glenview Naval Air Station in the 1970's, and the RAF used one to attack
> (with no real sucess) the airport at Port Stanley in the Falklands War
> (1982).

        I recall seeing an airshow appearance of a Vulcan Tanker (with two
Tornados) at the Canadian International Airshow in Toronto in 1986.  I think
that the operational Vulcans were retired at about this time, but the Display
Vulcan (can't recall the serial offhand) continued to fly  until the 1992
airshow season.