Re: Boeing naming convention for 777

Date:         27 Aug 99 03:07:58 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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>Airbus are said to have soured their relationship with KLM in parallel
>circumstances.  KLM had a fleet of A310s with the three-crew cockpit ...
>... may be a legend rather than proven fact

KLM did have a fleet of ten A310-203 aircraft, all pretty early models
with the oldest being the tenth A310 off the line as far as I can tell.
The very first A310 came with a two-crew cockpit, however, and I'd be
very surprised if any were built with an FE position.  I've certainly
never heard of such a beast.

FedEx has at least a few of the ex-KLM A310s, but they underwent some
major work during the conversion to freighters and any non-standard
cockpit would surely have been changed to match the other aircraft in
FedEx's Airbus fleet.

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