Re: Boeing naming convention for 777

Date:         27 Aug 99 03:07:57 
From:         "Antoin Daltun" <>
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> ... for the 777, Boeing would rather dust off the old drawings and put
> a blip in their production flow (and forgoe the possibility of selling
> an upgrade in the future) than make a deal.  United was even willing to
> pay a bit more, but Boeing wants nothing of it.  It's stupid if you ask
> me.

Airbus are said to have soured their relationship with KLM in parallel
circumstances.  KLM had a fleet of A310s with the three-crew cockpit.  They
were interested in buying more and wanted the same cockpit for
standardisation.  Meanwhile production was standardised on the later
two-crew model and Airbus would not disrupt arrangements just for KLM.  This
may be a legend rather than proven fact, but they are one of very few major
European airlines which never again selected Airbus (so far)

Antoin Daltun