Re: F28 Question

Date:         27 Aug 99 03:07:53 
From:         Martijn <>
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Ian Stapleton schreef:
> Several aircraft have similar devices, basically, when "closed" they deflect
> all the exhaust thrust from the engine back over and under the wing: acting
> as a basic reverse thrust in order to break the aircraft on landing.  They
I hope you meant: brake ;-)

> are a lot simpler to fit to aircraft than having a reverse thrust capability
> on the engine itself as this is more expensive and makes the engine have
> more moving parts therefore increasing the number of points for a possible
> engine related failure in the aircraft.

As far as I know all Fokker jet designs (F28, F70 & F100) were equipped
with both the speedbrakes as well as thrustreversers so it wasn't a
question of making the design simpler. Maybe the wing coudn't support
speedbrakes or Fokker found it more efficient on their design to put
them on the tail...

Regards Martijn