Re: 727 Reversers

Date:         27 Aug 99 03:07:51 
From:         Bogie <>
Organization: MindSpring Enterprises
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> Howdy all.  I wanted to know if there's a website out there that explains
> how the Boeing 727 reversers work?
> I understand reversers in general.  Clamshells are easiest of all to
> explain.  The Cascades on, say, a DC10 are also fairly easily understood (by
> me anyway.  Don't want to speak for all.  8^)
> BUT, the 727's reversers seem to be quite unique, a mixture of these two
> technologies.  I keep looking, but maybe I've not picked up the right
> rock...

I know of no website but I can tell you some info about them.  The 727
reverser is simply an enclosed clamshell similar to the DC-9/MD-80
series.  The clamshells are enclosed inside the tailpipe and when
operated, direct the engine thrust forward through the cascade vanes
you can see on the outside.  They are controlled pneumatically using
engine bleed air to drive two actuators located on either side in
"canoe" fairings.  When the clamshells are deployed, a cam in the pylon
allows for limited thrust advancement operated by the reverse levers
themselves (the regular thrust levers are "locked out").  Hope this