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Date:         27 Aug 99 03:07:50 
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>My brother related a story he had heard on the news about a month or two
>ago.  He said that during a FEDEX or UPS flight a person occupying the
>jumpseat went nuts and attacked the pilot/copilot with a hammer.

That would be FM 705, a DC-10-30F flying MEM-SJC on 7 April 1994.  Off-
duty second officer Auburn Calloway boarded the aircraft with two claw
hammers, two sledgenammers, a spear gun with spear, and a hunting knife,
and proceeded to use as many of them as he could against the flight

>I tryed the NTSB database for any occurence but found nothing.

The NTSB entry can be found at

but it just says "go ask the FBI" and a search of
turned up nothing of interest.  However, there's a synopsis at

and a more complete description as part of Calloway's appeal can be
found at

There's also a radio transcript, which only provides a small glimpse of
what was going on, at

Finally, Dave Hirschman wrote a book about the incident entitled
"Hijacked: The True Story of the Heroes of Flight 705."

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