Date:         04 Jan 99 22:20:43 
From:         "Lee Tze Yen, Bob" <bunnylee@pacific.net.sg>
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Hello guys.....

pardon me if this has been discussed before.... and any help appreciated....

SIA recently took delivery of 2 B777-312s. However, in their statements, it
was stated that they were B777-312IGW.

Is there such a model (B777-300IGW)??? I thought that so far, there are
only 3 variants of the B777??? The -200, -200ER, and the -300???

And I suppose SIA uses RR Trent 892 engines for their B777-312s???

Best Regards

Lee Tze Yen, Bob

Congratulations to SIA for having taken delivery of their second Boeing
777-312 Jubilee (9V-SYB) on 18 December 1998.