Re: WN 737 landing lights

Date:         27 Aug 99 03:07:43 
From: (Siegfried Lenz)
Organization: Chello Austria
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On 16 Aug 99 22:28:08 , (boeing707) wrote:

>I work for USAirways in FLL. Recently, I have seen Southwest 737
>(models -300/-500 and the -700) landing lights blinking on and off
>during their approach. Have only seen it on Southwest.
>The entire set of landing lights on the wings alternately blink on and
>off. Then when the airplane nears the inner marker, the blinking stops
>and the lights are on steadily.

This system is called PULSELITE (R) by precise flight
( and is supposed to improve both
visibility of the aircraft and lamp life.

I have but once seen an a/c equipped with (and using :-) pulselight
and I had the impression that it was much more conspicuos than steady
landing lights. (most probably the reason all "hazard warning" lights,
be it on a police car or on an annunciator panel are blinking)

I tried to get it installed on our airline aircraft but interest in
such matters is not easy to form in an airline.....