Re: A/C accumulated time?

Date:         27 Aug 99 03:07:41 
From: (Paul Saccani)
Organization: Omen Internet in Perth, Western Australia
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On 16 Aug 99 22:28:16 , Pete Mellor <> wrote:

>This discussion reminds me of the story about Henry Ford sending two
>reesarchers around all the scrap-yards in America to report back on
>which part had failed and so caused the vehicle to be scrapped. When
>they produced their report, Ford asked if there was any part which they
>had found to be still intact on all of the scrapped vehicles. "Yes."
>they said. "The transmission spline interconnection key." (or some
>such obscure part). "Right!" said Ford. "We gotta find a cheaper way to
>make that damn key!"
>(An apocryphal story, I'm sure, but the philosophy it expresses has some
>logic behind it.)

Not apocryphal at all.  The component was the crankshaft & bearings.
Ford ordered a redesign for cost reduction, if practical.