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Date:         27 Aug 99 03:07:37 
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>What are the technical differences between the MD80 and MD88?

The term "MD-80" encompases as many as five MD-8x variants -- the
MD-81/82/83/87/88.  All are externally identical except the MD-87,
which is 17 feet 5 inches short and has a taller tail.

The MD-81/82/83 (properly DC-9-81/82/83 according to the type
certificate) differ only in maximum takeoff weight, with higher-
rated engines as you go up and, in the case of the MD-83, added
fuel tankage to take advantage of the extra weight capability.

The MD-88 is simply an MD-82 (or, in the high-gross-weight version,
an MD-83) with an updated, glass cockpit instead of the old round
gauges of the MD-81/82/83.

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