Re: Boeing naming convention for 777

Date:         16 Aug 99 22:28:22 
From: (Chris Jardine)
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On 16 Aug 99 19:02:53 , kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz) wrote:
>True, but we were discussing the ER, aka the B model, not the base -200.
>While UA does have the first airline-owned base -200s produced (Boeing
>still owns WA001), they also have some of the first B models off the
>line, and the first PW-powered examples.

Just a little side note here. I was recently at an airport for my FAA
Class 3 physical and saw a magazine at the airport that had WA001 up
for sale. There was no price in it, but, it seemed to indicate that
Boeing was in a 'dealing mood' to sell this one.

Chris Jardine
Chris Jardine
CJ Electronics