Re: Concorde's Engines

Date:         16 Aug 99 22:28:21 
From: (Chris Furse)
Organization: Customer of First Link Internet Services, Sydney, Australia
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Not Much to do with Concorde Engines But:
Flying a RAAF Sabre out of Butterworth in the mid   '60's I chased a B2
Vulcan. He was high in the contrails, probably at about 45,000ft, I was
flying below the cons at about 38,000 ft.  When I pulled up to illuminate him
with my gunsight radar(for a simulated sidewider shot) he immediately broke
into a maximum rate turn.  After about 10 three sixties  I was at 52,000 ft
(way beyond my safety equipment capability), he was not only about 10,000 ft
higher than me, but had also done 11 three sixties.  There I was,  a hot shot
fighter pilot and this wacking great delta winged bomber not only perceived
my radar but out turned me to the extent that he could have taken me out.
But he only carried Blue Steel not Sidewinders.
During Indonesian confrontation with Malaysia most military aircraft from
Australia travelled well to the west of Indonesia to get to Butterworth etc.
The Vulcans went Darwin Singapore direct at about 20,000 or below cruising at
0.95mach minimum.  Even today that is fast.  Very difficult to catch
On the other hand later at Empire Test Pilot School I found that Vulcan was
considered to be a " Large Triangular Aircraft  which didn't much care which
corner pointed into wind"
Chris Furse.