Re: Concorde's Engines

Date:         16 Aug 99 22:28:19 
From:         Art & Janet <>
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James Matthew Weber wrote:
> I am quite sure it lasted much longer than that. I saw one crash at the
> Glenview Naval Air Station in the 1970's, and the RAF used one to attack
> (with no real sucess) the airport at Port Stanley in the Falklands War
> (1982).

I grew up in Glenview and had a chance to see this aircraft many times
(flying, static, and in bits), It was stationed at GNAS on a reciprocity
agreement betwen the US and Great Britain for training. The day of the
crash, the pilot, realizing he couldn't control the aircraft,  deliberately
put the plane into a garbage dump north of the base to avoid hitting a
housing development.

It was errie playing baseball at a local park during the summer and having
this shadow come over the field at about 1000 feet. I'd look up and very
quietly gliding across the sky was the Vulcan . At low power, the aircraft
was quiet.


-- Art & Janet
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