Vulcans' service life (was Re: Concorde's Engines)

Date:         16 Aug 99 22:28:18 
From:         Pete Mellor <>
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On 7 Aug 1999, James Matthew Weber wrote:
> At 02:33 AM 7/10/99 +0000, you wrote:
> >Pete Finlay wrote:
> >> The main nuclear deterrent from the 1950s to the 1966 was the Avro
> >> Vulcan, which was a missile platform.
> >
> >Did the Vulcans actually go out of service THAT long ago? The Vulcan and
> >the B-58 are two of my favorite designs. They both had a very short
> >service life.
> I am quite sure it lasted much longer than that. I saw one crash at the
> Glenview Naval Air Station in the 1970's, and the RAF used one to attack
> (with no real sucess) the airport at Port Stanley in the Falklands War
> (1982).

Oh dear! You mean the joke at the time had no basis in fact?

Q: What have Mr.Spock's mother and the landing strip at Port Stanley
   got in common?

A: The've both been f***ed by Vulcans!

Pete Mellor, CSR, City University.