Re: F100s

Date:         16 Aug 99 22:28:03 
From:         Erik Verheijden <>
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Andrew van der Plas schreef:
> The Fokker 100 was to expensive. They sellers couldn't sell enough airplanes
> to make it worthwhile and because of our loosy governement, Fokker went
> bankrupt. It was the biggest mass layoff since WW II.

A big problem has been the dollar/ dutch guilder exchange rate. The
airplanes were sold, of course, for a certain amount of dollars. The
value of 1 dollar was about 3.60 guilders in 1984. Ten years later the
dollar was only worth 1.55 guilder. As far as I know most of the
airplanes were sold for a reasonable price in dollars. But with the
value of the dollar that low and salaries and taxes as high as they are
in the Netherlands there was no way left to make money. To illustrate
high taxes: we pay about $4.25 for each gallon of unleaded automotive

I have heard more complaints about the door configuration of the F100. I
believe the B717 has only one main passenger door as well?

Erik Verheijden.