Re: F100s

Date:         16 Aug 99 22:28:02 
From:         Ken Ishiguro <>
Organization: EarthLink Network, Inc.
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Andrew van der Plas wrote:
> The Fokker 100 was to expensive. They sellers couldn't sell enough airplanes
> to make it worthwhile and because of our loosy governement, Fokker went
> bankrupt. It was the biggest mass layoff since WW II.
> If only the governement spent $ 250 million dollars, 5000 workers would
> still have jobs.

Apologies in advance- this will sound totally American in attitude.

A reputable company with a long heritage had a good-looking plane which
was being built at a loss, had no fleet commonality, etc.  Private
entrepeneurs are having difficulty reviving the company.

So, why is a government that chooses not to subsidize a sinking ship
"lousy"?  Sounds like your government has lots of wisdom or luck.  And
if these 5000 people still had jobs, what would they be doing if the
company couldn't sell it's product?

Just my opinion.

Ken Ishiguro