Re: F100s

Date:         16 Aug 99 22:28:01 
From: (Wolfgang Keller)
Organization: Customer of UUNET Deutschland GmbH, Dortmund, Germany
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> And by the way, the Fokker 70/100 were NOT the only products in that
> niche. BAe was also there selling BAe 146s and Avro RJs -- which it is
> still doing, having brought its costs under control much more
> effectively than Fokker.

I don't think that they will sell too many of them anymore after the
experience Crossair and Lufthansa had to make with theirs.

Had Lufthansa purchased Fokkers F70/F100 instead of those #*@§$%& RJs,
it might have bought Fokker another few years to get their cost under
control and LH would have got aircraft that perform as specified. And it
would have been less costly for LH in the long run.


Wolfgang Keller

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