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Date:         16 Aug 99 19:02:55 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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>> So far as I know, it really is just a paper upgrade as far as the
>> airframe is concerned.  You might need to upgrade engine thrust, but
>> the AW&ST Source Book has identical physical dimensions and weights
>> for the range of 777 engines from any given engine manufacturer so
>> I'd guess that even that is little more than a paper upgrade -- you'd
>> need to change the programming of the FADECs or something similar.

>Not quite. My understanding is that the FADEC, together with its software,
>is supplied by the engine manufacturer, and is in nothing to do with the
>airframe manufacturer.

My comment was unclear, the intent being that you would buy the engine
upgrade (possibly a paper one) from the engine manufacturer, but that
it might nevertheless be a paper/software upgrade.

I was specifically thinking of the three different models of smaller
PW4000s used by United:

   767-300	PW4052
   747-400	PW4056
   767-300(ER)	PW4060

They're all physically the same.  I had the impression that UA could
actually swap one for another and twiddle a few bits to give it the
right thrust level, presumably including some extra payments to Pratt
and lower life of some components.  That way, if an AOG 767 could get
a 747-400 engine if that was the only spare available, or vice versa.

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