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Date:         16 Aug 99 19:02:53 
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>>Boeing's web page lists the MGTOW range for the 777-200(ER) as being
>>from 580,000 lbs up to 656,000 lbs.  UA has some of the first ones built
>>and theirs are all good for 632,500 lbs -- not the heaviest, but a lot
>>closer to the top of the scale than to the bottom.

>Actually AvWeek shows the base -200 has an MGTOW of 545,000 pounds

True, but we were discussing the ER, aka the B model, not the base -200.
While UA does have the first airline-owned base -200s produced (Boeing
still owns WA001), they also have some of the first B models off the
line, and the first PW-powered examples.

Hmmm ... UA's oldest 777-222(ER) is N787UA and is LN 43.  (It's not the
first one delivered to UA, however, since it was part of the flight test
program.)  The first 777-200(ER) is G-VIIA, LN 41.  I'm not sure whether
or not LN 42 is an ER.

>And Unless UA paid for some substantial mods, I doubt their 'A' models
>have been upgraded to 632,500.

We weren't talking about their A models, which are at 545,000 lbs MGTOW,
tops for that version.  So far as I know, Boeing does not offer an A=>B

>That was in fact the initial MGTOW on the 'B' Model.

Perhaps in some really early documentation, though I just checked one
Boeing document I have which predates first flight of even the A model
and it says 580,000 lbs MGTOW for the B model.  The first ER built was
actually delivered with a 590,000 lbs MGTOW and, as noted above, the
second or third started off at 632,500 lbs.

>There is in fact a 4,000 pound difference in empty weight between the A
>and B versions. That is a lot of paper!

True, but again, we weren't talking about upgrading an A to a B.  From
an earlier post in this thread:

   Within each sub-series upgrading from the lightest to the heaviest
   can be as easy as a paper upgrade, but you cannot upgrade a 777-200
   to a 777-200ER.

>My recollection is these BA Aircraft are certified at about 590,000 pounds.


>Emirates had the certified weight of their 777-200ER's reduced.

My reference (JP) says 632,500 lbs for their ERs (and 545,000 lbs for
their A models).

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