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Date:         07 Aug 99 01:23:04 
From:         "Mik" <>
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Merlin Dorfman wrote in message ...
>Pete Finlay <> wrote:
>> Interestingly enough, the Vulcan used RR Olympus 201 (later 301)
>> engines, and the TSR-2 used RR Olympus 22R - 320 engines. Concorde uses
>> the RR Olympus 593 engines, which were developed using the experiences
>> gained from the earlier types.
>     Somehow I have it in my head that the Concorde's engines are
>"Bristol Olympus."  Not true?

Indeed true.  In 1960 Bristol Aero-Engines merged with Armstrong Siddeley
Motors Ltd to form BSEL, and in 1966 BSEL was aquired by Rolls-Royce.
The Olympus engine was then developed by what was the Bristol Engine
Division of Rolls-Royce.

The Bristol Olympus was designed in 1949 with a design thrust of 9570lb,
on its first ever run produced 10,000lb, the Mk 101 fitted to the Vulcan B1
produced 11,000lb, the Mk 201 for the Vulcan B2 produced 17,000lb, and
the reheated 593 version (Concorde) has produced 40,000lb.

Source : "Not Much of an Engineer" by Sir Stanley Hooker.