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Date:         07 Aug 99 01:22:52 
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In article <airliners.1999.733@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
  Joe Pelliccia <> wrote:
> Got a ride on a US AIRWAYS Fokker 100 this weekend going from
> Chattanooga to Charlotte and it got me to thinking about the
> 'recent' battles between Boeing (717) and Airbus (A318) for the
> 100 seat market.  If this is such a hot market that both airframe
> manufacturers feel they have to participate, how come Fokker's
> F100 didn't sell well when it was the only product in this niche?

A few reasons include lack of commonality with other aircraft in
operators fleets, a big selling point for Airbus today and with Boeing
to a lesser extent.  The BA 146 has had the same problem in the US.

Even when the F100 was introduced it may have been that the true
competitor for the F100 turned out to be s/h B737/200's and to a lesser
extent B111's and Dc9's/Md's,available at givaway prices then.
Incidentally the 717 has not sold well yet either, with only one or two
orders for a long time when in the MD stable and the 318 has yet to be
proved. The F100 strange door decision also went down badly with some
operators, making loading allegedly difficult. Hopes of selling well in
Indonesia, where a lot of F28's went, proved illusory and it presumably
did not help that lead European operator of F100, Air Europe went belly
up. A pity because it was/is a nice aircraft.

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