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Date:         07 Aug 99 01:22:48 
From:         "Steven" <>
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> Got a ride on a US AIRWAYS Fokker 100 this weekend going from
> Chattanooga to Charlotte and it got me to thinking about the
> 'recent' battles between Boeing (717) and Airbus (A318) for the
> 100 seat market.  If this is such a hot market that both airframe
> manufacturers feel they have to participate, how come Fokker's
> F100 didn't sell well when it was the only product in this niche?

Fleet compatibility is a big issue here. Airlines have a large investment in
maintenance/flight crew training and spares, and is much cheaper and easier
to integrate B717's into a fleet of DC-9's and MD-80's than introducing a
completely new type from a different manufacturer.