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Date:         07 Aug 99 01:22:47 
From:         "Andrew van der Plas" <>
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> Got a ride on a US AIRWAYS Fokker 100 this weekend going from
> Chattanooga to Charlotte and it got me to thinking about the
> 'recent' battles between Boeing (717) and Airbus (A318) for the
> 100 seat market.  If this is such a hot market that both airframe
> manufacturers feel they have to participate, how come Fokker's
> F100 didn't sell well when it was the only product in this niche?
> Am I missing something important here?

The Fokker 100 was to expensive. They sellers couldn't sell enough airplanes
to make it worthwhile and because of our loosy governement, Fokker went
bankrupt. It was the biggest mass layoff since WW II.

If only the governement spent $ 250 million dollars, 5000 workers would
still have jobs.

Apperently two guys are still trying to start again the Fokker production,
but both of them have already said that it is almost impossible.

A pitty for the whole world, that such a beautifull airplane-builder went