Re: Convair CV990 "Coronado"

Date:         07 Aug 99 01:22:43 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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>> The Convair 990 was designed to cruise at 990 km/h (hence the name).

>     This is going back a lot of years but my recollection is that the
>Convair 990 was originally designated the 600, but it was considered
>a poor PR move to have a later airplane with a lower number.  So it
>was re"named" the 990.

Right.  While the 990 moniker equaled the aircraft's cruising speed of
615 mph, converted to km/h, it was applied when Convair was still aiming
for a 635 mph cruising speed, which would have made it the 1022.  Most
likely, the marketoons just figured 990 sounded like a logical step up
from the 880.

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